How to choose a kitchen sink?

Time: 2019-05-09
Summary: How to choose a kitchen sink?

How to choose a kitchen sink?

Kitchen sinks are used very frequently, so you must pay attention to quality problems when purchasing. Never buy inferior products in order to save money, resulting in frequent problems and inconvenience for future life. Because there are so many varieties of kitchen sinks, and the quality is uneven, many inexperienced buyers have no way to start, I don't know how to choose. So how do you choose a kitchen sink? This article will introduce you to the kitchen sink in detail. Let's take a look.

How to choose a kitchen sink?
1, look at the depth
The height of the sink suitable for kitchen use is more than 180mm, and its strength is large capacity and splash resistance.

2, look at the weight
Most kitchen sinks are now made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a kind of iron alloy. The specific gravity of steel is 7.87. Nickel and chromium heavy metals are added inside. The specific gravity of these metals is larger than that of steel, so the weight is relatively heavy. Counterfeit stainless steel, such as steel plate chrome, is lighter.

3, see the thickness
The thickness of the steel plate of the stainless steel sink is preferably selected between 0.8 and 1.0 mm. Within this thickness, 304# stainless steel is selected to make the sink tough, and the damage of various kinds of porcelain utensils due to impact or the like can be avoided to the utmost extent. The simplest way is to press the surface of the sink with a little force. If it is pressed down, the material is very thin.

4, see the process
The stainless steel sink process has a welding method and an integral molding method. The welding method is divided into two types according to the method. One is the welding of the pot and the panel welded together. The strength is the beautiful shape. After the strict treatment, the welding joint is not easy to be found, and the surface of the sink is straight and smooth. The disadvantage is that some consumers Suspicion of its solidity. In fact, the current welding technology mainly has sub-arc welding and the most advanced numerical control resistance welding of the predecessors, the quality has passed; the other is the butt welding of two single basins, the strength of which is the one-piece stretch forming of the basin and the panel. Rugged and durable, its shortcomings are easy to see the welding marks, the flatness is slightly worse. One-time molding is a production process that is more popular among the predecessors and consumers. However, the production process is difficult, and the overall thickness of the water tank after molding is uneven, relatively thin, mostly about 0.7mm, and the better basin thickness should be 0.8– 1.0mm, not the thicker the better, the thicker the material is too thick, easy to deform the cabinet, it will also hurt the tableware, 0.8–1.0mm is the best thickness, long life, the vessel will be safe.

5, look at the flatness
The flatness of the surface of the water tank is the most intuitive scale for repairing the quality and grade of the water tank. The line of sight is consistent with the plane of the water tank. The edge of the water tank should not protrude and not warp, and the error degree is less than 0.1mm. The flatness is not good, in addition to affecting the appearance, it also easily causes water seepage and fouling.
6, see the noise reduction processing
The bottom of the sink generally has a silencing pad or a sound-absorbing coating to prevent water leakage.

7, see accessories
The quality of the sewer and the lower water pipe directly affects the use of the water tank. The better material of the lower water pipe should be PP material or UPVC. The sealing degree is high, elastic, heat-proof, crack-proof, long life, fair shape design, deodorant and anti-defense. The design of the taste is easy to install, does not cause blockage, water seepage and the like. The water inlet has steel ball positioning, extrusion sealing and platform-controlled water removal. It has strong sealing property, facilitates rapid storage of water, can automatically filter impurities, avoid clogging the lower water pipe, use high-quality rubber, and is not easy to wear. The fastening seals are fastened with self-tapping screws to ensure sealing and safe and quick operation.

For the question of how to choose the kitchen sink, I believe that by reading the above content, you must know what you are doing. All in all, when choosing a kitchen sink, you must start from the above points in order to purchase quality products.

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