Granite sink is the best in the kitchen sink

Time: 2019-05-10
Summary: Granite sink is the best in the kitchen sink
Granite is a kind of stone that is common in decoration. There are still many things in this material. The sink is one of them, but many people are not sure about this. What about granite sinks? Many people are more curious. Let me introduce the advantages and disadvantages of granite sinks. Let's take a look.

The granite sink is made of the hardest high-purity quartz material in granite mixed with food-grade high-performance resin and high-temperature die-casting. It is resistant to everyday wear and tear such as dents, cuts, cracks, stains and antibacterials, and is the best material for kitchen sinks.

The style and color of the granite sink are very beautiful. Feel soft and soft. It is the spotlight of the modern kitchen, lighting up the kitchen space. At the same time, the granite sink process is a one-piece molding that is very sturdy, and it is most suitable for a kitchen with high utilization. The appearance of granite sinks has created a huge impact in the domestic market, and it has also reinvented new elements in the sink market. In fact, in the European market, granite sinks are a modern sink popular with European people. Its texture is hard and durable, and the outer lines can be edged or rounded, making the granite sink both rigid and tender.

Advantages of granite sinks:

1. High temperature resistance (high quality granite sink can resist high temperature above 280 °C), suitable for Chinese cooking methods;

2, good antibacterial, after testing, granite sink can effectively prevent bacterial regeneration;

3, high hardness, strong scratch resistance, hardness is second only to diamond, scratch resistant, wear resistant;

4. Excellent corrosion resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance. Even acidic foods with strong corrosiveness will not corrode the water tank;

5, water absorption rate and oil absorption rate is extremely low, easy to maintain;

6, granite sinks are rich in color, with the popularity of quartz stone countertops, granite sinks with a variety of quartz stone countertops, more noble, charming, but also make the kitchen more harmonious;

7, no need to apply oil, not easy to stick dust, maintenance, maintenance is simple and convenient, long service life;

8. Raw materials are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-radiative.

Disadvantages of granite sinks:

1. Granite is easy to slip after absorbing water, so there are requirements for installation, and it is best not to install it in a humid environment;

2, the price is relatively expensive, compared with stainless steel sinks, granite sinks are more expensive.

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