How to clean the stainless steel sink? Introduction to cleaning and maintenance methods

Time: 2019-05-13
Summary: How to clean the stainless steel sink? Introduction to cleaning and maintenance methods
How to clean the stainless steel sink? The stainless steel sink in the kitchen is used frequently, so no matter how good the stainless steel sink is, it will be cleaned after a certain period of time, but how to clean the stainless steel sink? Look at how to clean the stainless steel sink.

How to clean the stainless steel sink
1. In the production and transportation of stainless steel sinks, the manufacturer will use stainless steel rust inhibitors to coat the surface of the sink to ensure the surface gloss. Therefore, the water tank just installed can not be washed directly in the kitchen. It should be washed with water first, then used again. Apply a detergent detergent to a sponge or rag to clean the inside of the sink. Rinse with water and then dry with a towel.

2, cleaning stainless steel sink should not use alkaline and highly oxidizing detergent. When these detergents are brushed in stainless steel sinks, they react with stainless steel, destroying the corrosion-resistant layer on the stainless steel surface, affecting the aesthetics of the stainless steel, and easily rusting the stainless steel. And rust can be detrimental to human health.
3. Do not use scouring pad, abrasive sheet or abrasive material to clean the sink. Try to avoid sharp and hard utensils such as cutlery and cooking utensils hitting the sink to prevent scratching or bumping the appearance of the sink.

4. The kitchen sink should be scrubbed regularly. According to incomplete statistics, the amount of microbes contained in the sink is 100,000 times that of the bathroom, so deep cleaning twice a week is essential, and the diluted bleach solution is the best disinfectant. Gently scrub, then rinse off with water and dry with a sponge or rag to avoid the use of steel brushes or rough texture brushes. If the sink produces colored marks, a low concentration of vinegar solution can be used to remove such deposits.
5. Sprinkle a little salt in the place where there is oil, then use the old plastic wrap to wipe it up and down. After wiping it with warm water for several times, it can make the sink bright as new. At the corners and the water around the sink, you can use a small brush or toothbrush to wipe with fine salt, soapy water and detergent. The water cover in the water can be soaked in warm soapy water for more than ten minutes before cleaning. effect.

How to clean the stainless steel sink - maintenance of stainless steel sink
1. Avoid using steel balls, steel brushes or rough-brushed brushes when cleaning the sink to avoid scratching the surface of the sink.
2. Use a neutral detergent and scrub with a high-quality cleaning sponge.
3, the sink should avoid contact with bleaching powder for a long time.
4. After the sink is used, rinse it with water and dry it. Do not let water droplets remain on the surface. High-iron content water may cause brownish red water on the surface of the sink.
The above is about the cleaning of stainless steel sinks. Everyone can clean the kitchen stainless steel sinks according to the cleaning tips, so the cleaned kitchen stainless steel sink is very clean.

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