Granite Sink:How to install the kitchen sink?

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Time: 2019-05-15
Summary: Granite Sink:How to install the kitchen sink?
Granite Sink:How to install the kitchen sink

In our daily life, we can't do without the kitchen for three meals a day. Good kitchen decoration can bring great convenience to our life. The kitchen not only needs to add a few practical appliances, but also considers the humanized design of the sink. With the development of technology, there are not only traditional stainless steel sinks on the market, but also new multi-functional dishwashing tanks. The following small series will introduce you to everyone, how do we choose the sink to make our kitchen life easier. How to install the kitchen sink? Listen to the advice of the master, don’t pretend to be wrong, then regret it.

When you buy materials in the building materials market, you will find that there are various kinds of dishwashing tanks on the market. The most practical and most popular one is the stainless steel sink. The advantages of stainless steel products are very high. First of all, stainless steel sinks are very wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The service life is much longer than other dishwashing tanks, thus saving our daily maintenance costs and replacement costs. Moreover, the stainless steel sink is very convenient to clean. As long as it is wiped with a damp cloth, the water stains on the edges of the stainless steel sink can be wiped off directly. This material in the stainless steel sink does not contain harmful ingredients, so it will not cause any harm to our human health during use. Most stainless steel sinks are now on the countertop. This kind of design will make us use it without the need to bend over and make it more convenient. Moreover, the above counter basin will also serve as an embellishment for the overall decoration of the kitchen. Such a stainless steel sink can be said to be both beautiful and practical.

After talking about the material of the sink, let's discuss whether to choose a single sink or a double sink? In fact, these two sinks have their own advantages and disadvantages. The overall capacity of a single sink is relatively large. If the area of ??the kitchen countertop is relatively small, then we can choose a single sink, which can save the kitchen space to the utmost. If the kitchen has a large space and wants to separate the sink into different cleaning areas, then it is recommended that you choose a double sink. Some families like to separate the vegetables and raw meat separately. The double sink is the right choice. It is.

Having said that, everyone must choose the type of sink according to the actual situation of their own kitchen. It is not too late to make a decision.

People who cook often know that the sink is the most frequently used in all kitchen utensils, and once it has a problem, it will completely lose your mood for cooking. Therefore, if you want to avoid being troubled by the troublesome sink problem, the correct kitchen sink installation method is especially important.

1, fixed position

The most important step in the installation of the kitchen sink is to find the exact installation area for the sink, so that you can purchase the exact size more accurately when you purchase it. If you can, measure the placement area at home. A plan can be used to avoid buying the wrong size because of incorrect data. In addition, after placing the sink, do not shake the sink, as this will cause cracks and cause it to loosen to affect the performance.

2. Install the faucet and inlet pipe

After selecting the fixed placement position, you can carry out the second step of the installation of the kitchen sink. That is, the water inlet equipment is ready for installation. When operating, it is necessary to ensure that the faucet and the pipeline are connected accurately, otherwise the following will produce many very difficult problems. problem.

3, the sink is placed on the countertop

This step seems simple, but it is also a part of the kitchen sink installation process that is more prone to detailed problems, because many people often forget to place some matching objects in the middle of the countertop and the wall during installation, causing water leakage. Phenomenon, so in this small series suggest that everyone, after placing the adapted pendant, after the countertop is placed, observe and check the water shutoff performance of the sink.

4, overflow hole, filter

This is the two factors that affect the life of the sink. Therefore, if you want to make the life of the sink more durable and the effect is more perfect, you must pay special attention to the installation accuracy of these two things when installing the kitchen sink.

5, install supporting pendant

Generally speaking, when you reach this step, many people think that the work of installing the kitchen sink has come to an end, but in fact, only after the sink has been sent, the installer can cut the corresponding size according to the specific sink size. The table top is placed, and the installation procedure of the accessory pendant is only performed after the sink is placed.

6, drainage test

The final installation of the sink is to carry out the drainage test. The specific method is very simple. Just open the faucet and let the water fill the sink to reach about two-thirds. Then observe whether there is water seepage. If there is, you can let the workers repair it immediately. If not, then The edge banding can be used for a few days.

Mori Genesis: The sink is a piece of furniture that is closely related to our daily diet. Whether it is washing vegetables or washing dishes, it is inseparable from it. Therefore, I hope that all of you can seriously study the installation of the kitchen sink installed by Centry today. Detailed steps to create comfortable and convenient cooking conditions.

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